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We left in the morning for Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Our mood was hilarious and everybody was looking forward to the trip. The flight was not long, but it lasted about three hours. We landed in London and we all were a bit confused that we were really in London. In the evening we arrived in London, our hotel, which was super cool. In the lobby we got hotelroom cards and we were ready to open our doors to our rooms. We didn't do anything special that day, but we went to eat the famous fish and chips together.

Aino Eno 9E

My London

We started our trip at the bus station early on Sunday morning. We arrived at the airport about 12pm and our flight arrived in London about 3pm. London time. The first day included almost only travelling, but in the evening we went to a nearby restaurant and had fish and chips.

Monday started with breakfast at the hotel and then we took the tube and went to see Tower bridge. We walked near the bridge and took some pictures and the weather was really nice at first, the sun was shining but then it started to rain a little bit but it didn't bother anyone. Some of us went up to the skydeck to see the environment. I didn't go up so I walked down and bought some caramelpeanuts with couple of my friends. In the afternoon we went to Westminster Abbey. Most of us went to an aquarium, one of us went to London eye and the others went to the Dungeons including me. The Dungeons was an awesome place, there were actors who told us about the history of England and it was very interesting, because the actors were so talented.

Iida Laamanen 9D

My London

It was great experience.

The whole week in London was full of fun. It was really great. Since the first day all of us had fun and everyone enjoyed it. The funniest part of the studytrip was the hotel life and hanging out with friends. We woke up everyday about 8.30 am and after that we went to have our breakfast. The breakfast wasn't very good, because there were only toast and coffee. That week we saw many important sights for example Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, London eye, Tower, The British Museum, Oxford Street and many others. Shopping was easy and enjoyable because you will find there everything that you are looking for.

Ilari Metsämäki 9C