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My London                                                                                                        


We started our trip to London on Sunday, March 15th. It felt unbelievable to sit in the bus, I think it was because we all had waited for this trip from last spring, and now it was really happening. In the morning we were sitting in a chartered bus, but when we came to London I felt the world had turned to a mirror-image. Driving on the left makes many things different: the bus was a mirror-image of a Finnish one and you have to be extra careful when crossing the streets.


At noon on Monday we spent three hours in British Museum. We saw many things from South America to Southeast Asia and Europe. We looked for answer to some questions and visited many of the museum halls. After that we continued to walk to Oxford Street. Some of us bought more, some less, but I think we all - or at least I was – were amazed by all the greatness and the amount of people. 


On Tuesday morning we took the underground to Piccadilly Circus. I realized later how terrible the first underground trip was. The speed of the train seemed really high when it reached the platform  and in the train I was at first going to fall down when the train speeded up and stopped.

We walked on Parliament Square and tried to get in to Westminster Abbey (we couldn't, there was a funeral) and after that we continued to walk towards London Eye. It gave us a magnificent view all over the centre of London.


We ate lunch in Waterloo train station and after that we took the underground again and went to Harrods. We couldn't get in at first as one big group, so we had to go in a smaller group. I went to the food department and bought tea that cost far too much to be just tea. After that I went to see the Egyptian staircase. It was magnificent.


On Wednesday I went to Tower. I'm not very much into shopping, so I chose rather to go there than to Bicester, an outlet village outside London. Tower was wonderful to see: it's not just a medieval castle but a former Royal Mint and a fortress built by the French to show their influence in Britain. You can visit for example  many different exhibitions there and see the rooms that were used as a jail in medieval times. Probably it is best known for the Crown Jewels that are stored in a large vault which is open to the public.


I had been looking forward to seeing the Great Bed of Ware that is displayed in Victoria and Albert Museum. It was great indeed: over ten feet long and wide. During the morning I found myself walking in a large hall full of porcelain from the floor to the ceiling, watching an enormous Middle Eastern carpet and walking up and down gorgeous, wide staircases.


On Friday morning I travelled by the Underground for the last time. I went to see Buckingham Palace with three other girls, but we were a bit disappointed to notice that there was no Changing of the Guards that day. So, we went back to have the last meal – fish and chips – in London before we left for Gatwick Airport.


The distance was only about 30 miles, but it took us 2,5 hours because we got stuck in the Friday afternoon traffic jam. At least for an hour we were stopping all the time, and I was pretty sure we would miss  the plane. Well, we didn’t, and our trip to London ended with arrival at  the bus station in Huittinen around half past two on Saturday morning.

Johanna Laaksonen 9D