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On March 31st, our class left for the UK. We stayed in London. Our stay was only five days, which was a pity because there’s so much to see and do in London. You don’t have much time in five days, especially when you need time to sleep too! The time difference between Finland and England is luckily only two hours.

The flight went well and we arrived at Gatwick quite soon since the distance wasn’t that long. We had to wait for our bags and suitcases at the airport for a while though. I had never been to Gatwick airport before and it felt really small compared to Heathrow, which is the biggest airport in the UK. After that we got on a bus (which was booked beforehand, of course) and drove to the centre of London. We also had a guide there with us. She was Finnish but had lived in the UK for a very long time!

From the bus we saw lots and lots of famous sights such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and also the London Eye. We had a lot of free time there too. We were allowed to leave the hotel if we only told where we were heading and when we’d be coming back. It was quite a long walk from the hotel to the nearest underground station though. There were two shopping malls and many shops located rather near our hotel. I was surprised about the amount of those shops where you can find lots of stuff (and even food) just for a pound or 99 pence!

We visited some sights and went walking to see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. They were pretty impressive even when I had seen them before! I think the tour around the city was good too, and you could see many things without even getting off the bus. The London Eye seemed really high and big, but when you got there and you were on the highest point of the whole ride, it wasn’t even that high!

So, our visit couldn't be any better! Local people were helpful and seemed very different from Finns. If you looked even a bit like you were lost, somebody always came up to you and asked if he or she could help you in some way. I'm looking forward to visit London again as soon as possible!

                                                                Tytti Toivonen 9D