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Slovakia, Trnava March 2012

On Monday the 26 th of March 3. at 4.00 we left Huittinen with teacher Virpi Ojalas car for Helsinki airport. Teacher Hanna Miettinen kept the driver awake and Sampo Wiik and I, Heidi Savolainen slept in the back seat.  We flew to Vienna and from the we took a bus to Bratislava and the another bus to Trnava. The trip went smoothly.

I stayed with a Slovakian student Greta. We had some language problems because no one in the family spoke good English but we managed he situations well.  The house of the family was in the old town. There was a gate that led us in the inner yard and from there you could go in to the apartments. Greta and her mother lived together and next to them lived cousins and aunts and in one apartment  lived her granny! Gretas family was very friendly. In the afternoon we visited Gretas best friend and a Hungarian girl she was hosting. In the evening we went to a café to talk and drink coffee.
Trnava old town.
On Tuesday morning we were late. We went to a wrong class room and missed the meeting with the school headmaster. But the we heard that the headmaster was not there either but the vice headmasters were there instead. We had a tour around the school. The school was a vocational school with 750 students and only 31 of them were girls. The school building was very big and quite old. We visited different class rooms and took part in a lesson of Slovak language. We had lunch at school (I didnt enjoy it much). We had a guided tour in Trnava and we learned that there are 13 churches in the old town. There were many beautiful old buildings. That is something we dont have at home. We saw also the catacombs and had coffee. We took a bus back to school and there we had a little concert. One teacher and student sang us songs and we all Comenius-students and teachers had to go on the stage and tell who we are. In the evening we met Gretas friends.
One of the wonderful churces.
Here we saw old instruments.
On Wednesday we visited Dolna Krupa castle. There were old instrument and other musical things. From the front yard there was a lovely scenery. We had lunch together in a restaurant. We had cabbage soup, chicken and potatoes. The food tasted good. The weather was excellent 20 degrees. This was the warmest day during the trip. After lunch we visited another castle Red Stone. There we saw old pieces of furniture and frightening paintings on the walls. The castle had Europes biggest cellar.  In the evening we went to a disco together with our Hungarian friends.
Music House.
On Thursday we made a trip to Bratislava. We had a guided tour there and the guide was very good. He could tell us interesting stories about the history and it wasnt boring at all. Later we went to a big mall. I had my first sushi and I liked it. We had about two hours shopping time and I even found something nice. When we were back in Trnava we met Comenius friends in the evening.
A traditional easter decoration.
A statue in Bratislava.

On Friday morning it was time to say goodbye. I got many souvenirs from my host family, cheese, candies and other items. I had difficulties to close my suitcase. We took a minibus together with the Turkish group to Vienna. It was raining in Vienna and we got wet. We took a tram trip around Vienna and we saw many big and beautiful buildings and palaces. We had lunch together with our teachers and I had Wiener Schnitzel and Sachertorte. The food tasted good and even my shoes and my jacket were nearly dry. After enjoying Vienna we took a train to airport and flew home to Finland. I was at home in the middle of the night. I was tired but happy. It was a nice trip and a wonderful experience. 

Heidi Savolainen 9C