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Day 1

Our Comenius-group Susanna Helin, Essi Naskali, Jose Toivonen ja Joona Lintunen started their first Comenius adventure with the headmaster Pekka Ojanen and teacher Hanna Miettinen early in the morning. We flew via Frankfurt to Krakow and stay our night there. The weather was so Finnish! It was snowing and it was cold!

Day 2

After breakfast we packed our things and began our journey with old trains to Niegowa. It was quite funny to buy train tickets because we had to use our hands and imagination because we couldn't understand each other. Anyhow, we got safe to Niegowa and met at school our hosting families and all the other students and teachers. The first night with new families was exciting but nice!


Day 3

We had to woke up early in the mornig. Our bus to the concentration camp Auschwitz left from school at 9 o clock. In Auschwitz we had a guidance in English. The concentration camp was a quite frightening experience but it was interesting to see real things from the European history. The weather was bad and we were hungry and frozen, like the prisoners there in their time. Our next stop was the beautiful city of Krakow. We saw there the cathedral and Christmas market. The it was time to eat something in the local mall.

Puola2 kl

Day 4

We spent the whole day at school. Our partner school told us something about their schools and cities and countries and so did we. It was exiting to do it English, but we made it! We visited the castle of Bobolice and that was an interesting place, When we were back at school we had n international sports lesson. We played volleyball and football with our new friend from Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey and Poland. After sports we all had lunch at school. We had chicken and mashed potatoes. After lunch we had some lessons at school and the we had time to be with our host families.
Puola3 keilat
Puola4 keilat

Day 5

On Thursday we had a trip Czestochowa. First we had time to shop in some small boutiques and in the mall. Later we visited Jasna Corás monastery and we saw the statue of the Black Madonna. This evening was the last on in Poland and we spent it with our host families.
Puola5 tie
Puola8 kirkko

Day 6

We woke up and had our last breakfast with our host families. After breakfast we went to school. There were all our new friends and we had to leave them! It was so sad. We hugged each other and we could see many tears... Next stop was the airport in Krakow, then Warsaw and at last Helsinki and Huittinen in the middle of the night.  It was nice to be back at home but we had a wonderful time in Poland and we are going to miss our friends. We hope to meet some of them in Huittinen in March!