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Comenius-trip to Ceuta in Spain 16. - 21.10.2011

The destination of this Comenius-trip was Ceuta in Spain. Ceuta in an interesting city because it is one of the two Spanish cities that on an African continent. You must go over the Gibraltar to get to Ceuta from the continental Spain. Ceuta is not big but it has a lot of inhabitants and it is a lively city. In Ceuta the people have four different religions. Some of them are Catholics, some Muslims, some Jewish and some Buddish. The influence of all these religions can been seen in Ceuta.

Our Comenius-group was this time: teachers Hanna Miettinen and Virpi Ojala and students Josefiina Järä and Frans Markula. Ceuta is so far away that we started our trip already on Sunday morning at 5.00. We flew from Helsinki to Zürich and from there to Malaga. From Malaga to Gibraltar we travelled by a bus and then we took a ferry to Ceuta.

We saw a lot and got new experiences. We visited a mosque, a Catholic church and a Buddish temple. We had to pass a synagogue because of a misunderstanding and that was a pity. We visited also the town hall and the ministry of education in Ceuta. We made a boat trip around Ceuta from Mediterranean to Atlantic! We had a guided tour around the old fortress in Ceuta and we heard a lot of stories and facts of history.

ceuta1 hm
The fortress.
We saw also how the school works in Spain and how the Spanish people are living. During these days we ate many traditional Spanish dishes that are quite different from the Finnish ones. We got to know new people and that was easy while the Spanish are social and they like to talk!
In the afternoons and evenings the students went to the city, shopping or to the beach. Many students had extra English lessons outside the school and also we had a chance to visit such a lesson.
ceuta2 hm
Our trip back home was long. We left Ceuta 7.30 on Friday morning and we were in Huittinen at 3.00 at night! We had a wonderful trip and our English skills got better. We learned even some Spanish words. We had good memories and many new relationships from this trip to Ceuta.

Josefiina Järä 9C