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Budapest 16. - 20.5.2011


Our Comenius group in Budapest was: headmaster Pekka Ojanen, teacher Tomi Hietanen and the 8th graders Henriikka Hakasuo, Minka Leppänen, Eveliina Järä, Josefiina Järä, Antti Matintalo and Valtteri Laaksonen.
On Monday morning we took a bus at 9.05 to airport in Helsinki. We flew to Budapest via Vienna. When we arrived in Budapest the host families were waiting for us at the airport. It was nice to see familiar faces there and meet friends who were in Huittinen in March.

Biology class.
On Tuesday morning we woke up early and went to school already at 7.40. We met there the whole Comenius-group, all the students and the teachers. About at 10 o'clock we had a sight-seeing with a water bus around Budapest. First we drove in the city but then we drove into the water of the river Daunbe! After the trip we walked back to school and had traditional Hungarian food. After lunch we had some free time and many of us went shopping. Later we went bathing to a 100 years old bathing place. In the evening we had a nice walk on the beautiful island of Margaretha.
Wednesday morning some of us played floor ball, football and volleyball together and the rest of us were drawing and making Hungarian flags. Then we had a big white sheet and we all could write greeting on it for our Hungarian friends. After lunch we walked around the city and tried to find answers to a sight-seeing quiz. In the evening we had a party at school. Students' band and teachers band played both there. Then it was time to get some sleep.
On Thursday morning we slept longer. As late as 10.20 we took a boat to a next to little village. The boat trip lasted an hour and then we had lunch together. In this nice village we had free time and many of us bought souvenirs for their families in Huittinen. We took a train back to Budapest and went home. Our host had a party at home. We talked, ate and danced together. We had fun. Then it was time to say goodbye
Boat trip with Eveliina, Minka, Henriikka and Josefiina.
Boat trip with Antti and Valtteri.
On Friday we woke up early because we had to be at the airport in good time. We said goodbye to our host families and flew home to Helsinki via Vienna. We were at home in the evening at 19.00. This Comenius-trip was fantastic and I'm sure we'll remember it for the rest of our lives!

Eveliina and Josefiina Järä 8C