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Comenius-project  "Let's wipe out prejudices with Olive Leaves on the way to peace" 2010-2012

This Comenius-project is financed by the EU. The purpose of it is to disseminate tolerance, solidarity, respect and peace among young people regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion and social background. Working with this project gives our students an opportunity to develop their language skills and to learn working with different kinds of people and of course, getting new friends!!

In this project Pellonpuisto school has five  European partnership school: Gimnazjum im Jana Pawla II w Niegowie in Niegowa, Poland, Kosztolányi Dezsó Gimnázium  in Budapest, Hungary, Secondary vocational school of elctrotechnics Trnava in Trnava, Slovakia, Ies "Siete Colinas" in Ceuta, Spain and as our coordinator school Aydin Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi in Aydin Turkey. 

The project started in August 2010 and all the 8th graders had a change to work in the project. The volunteer students were interviewed in English and they were asked about their interest to work in the project for two years. This way our school got "a Comenius-group" with 20 students. 

During the project students made for example  Power  Point- shows of our school and our city, a video of our life at school, a CD together with students from other countries. All the students had a change to travel abroad   at least once during this two-year time.  This was absolutely the best part of the project for students. Getting to know new friends from many European schools and showed our students that the young people all over are alike, have same interests and same problems. This project opened many new doors to our students and for teachers too.

Niegowa, Poland  December 2010

Huittinen, Finland March 2011

Budapest, Hungary May 2011

Ceuta, Spain October 2011

Trnave, Slovakia March 2012

Aydin, Turkey May 2012

Hanna Miettinen