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MEETING IN AREZZO 5. - 10.11.2013

The first meeting in Arezzo, Italy, was a planning meeting for the teachers. Hanna Miettinen and Tiina Kataja represented Pellonpuisto at this meeting.

As a result of the meeting, the partners agreed upon the dates of the visits in each country. The first meeting will be in Pellonpuisto school from January 13th to 17th 2014 and we are hoping to welcome about 21 students and 15 teachers from six countries. During this visit the guests will have the opportunity to get to know our school and our school system. The students will be staying in host families, the families of our students, who will have an important role in introducing the visitors to the local way of life.

It was also decided that as we are such a large group of partners, it would be reasonable not to try and visit all countries but to concentrate on those which represent the same age group of students. Thus, the countries that our school is going to visit during this project and the respective dates are as following:

Huittinen, Finland                                                 13. - 17.1.2014

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal                                10. - 14.3.2014

Eisenerz, Austria                                                    27. - 31.10.2014

Rethymnon, Greece                                              23. - 27.3.2015

Niegowa, Poland                                                   26. - 30.4.2015

Aydin, Turkey                                                         18. - 23.5.2015

The project logo was chosen in Arezzo as well. Students from several countries had designed excellent  alternative logos to choose from and it was the Turkish logo that won the vote.

logo pieni
The Project logo.

There was a general discussion on the goals of the project and the various tasks of the partners. The German partner is in charge of the evaluation and they are going to do an online survey on the outcomes of the project, basing on the questionnaires given by the  head coordinator.

We also discussed the programmes during the mobilities. The common points of interest were  teaching methods, actual classroom work and the school system in different countries in general, not forgetting the cultural part.

In Arezzo, the cultural part was abundant and apart from the art and architecture in Arezzo, we were introduced to the cultural treasures in Florence and Siena.


The Arezzo school.


Landscape in Arezzo, Tuscany.