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HUITTINEN – an Appealing Town of Food, Culture and Commerce

Huittinen is an appealing regional hub located in southern Satakunta, at the junction of the Pori-Helsinki and Turku-Tampere roads.


Huittinen is the third biggest commercial town in Satakunta, offering diverse services from general stores to specialist shops.  Car dealers, furniture stores, clothes shops, shoe shops, interior design and décor boutiques and many other specialist stores serve residents, businesses and visitors from surrounding areas with a smile and a wide selection.


Huittinen is also a food town.  Foodstuffs are made here for distribution throughout the whole of Finland.  In terms of raw materials, the region’s primary products are chicken, pork, field vegetables, berry products and grain. A number of restaurants and catering services in the town offer culinary experiences using clean, locally-produced ingredients.


Huittinen is active in culture and sports. The region’s music school, drama groups, sports clubs and different kinds of co-operative productions offer experiences and recreationactivities for the townspeople and the people from the wider surrounding areas. The Risto Ryti Hall offers a quality venue for culture events.


Huittinen is easy to get to for meetings and functions. The location is central and the services available in Huittinen are diverse.  Even large events held by companies and organisations can be hosted in high quality surroundings such as those at the Kuninkainen training and cultural centre.  Many of the local restaurants and other businesses also offer smaller meeting spaces and function services. 


Welcome to Huittinen!