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Basic information about Huittinen


The town of Huittinen is situated in the south-western part of the region of Satakunta in the province of Western Finland. The town is known for its remarkable accessibility from all directions, as it is situated at the heart of a triangle formed by the cities of Tampere, Turku and Pori. Almost at the immediate vicinity of the city centre is likewise the junction of the highways between Helsinki and Pori, as well as Tampere and Rauma, accompanied with the main road between Tampere and Turku. Due to its location in a lively intersection, Huittinen is also the centre of a busy bus traffic area with over 2000 passengers travelling through the town on a daily basis.


Huittinen, with its approximately 10 200 inhabitants, is a warm and friendly place to live. For children the residential area is safe and clean, and high level housing is within reach without extremely high mortgages.  The town offers all necessary services for daily life in a walking distance from one another, and parking the car does not create extra expenses either. The centre of Huittinen, also known as the district of Lauttakylä, is an economic and professional midpoint due to the copious number of boutiques and stores.


Food industry and processing is the largest area of employment in Huittinen, and the agriculture of the area is largely specialised. There are also several significant engineering, building and manufacturing firms as well as numerous small businesses in the area.


Culture in general is regarded highly in the town. A popular venue is for instance the Risto Ryti Hall, which has over 400 seats. Generous opportunities for indoor as well as outdoor exercising also encourage participation in a variety of sport activities.